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If the tram wasn't so full of people, Alecia would have dozed off at the fifteen minute mark. Or maybe drown out the seemingly endless stream of conversations inside the tram but of course she had to have forgotten her earphones back at base this morning. She made a mental note to buy an extra pair the next time she could venture to the marketplace.
Until then, she had to deal with the constant talking and close proximity of the other travelers. She rubbed her hand over her face and threaded her fingers through her brown hair. The head on her shoulder shifted and the man grunted.
She sighed as she hung her head. How Royan was able to fall asleep just about anywhere sounded like a grand treasure rather than a nuisance today.
"You're breathing too hard."
Royan blinked and adjusted to his surroundings. He rolled his shoulders to relieve the tightness of his muscles.
"I'm trying to get my daily nap in and here you are, screwing my sleep cycle." He laid his head back on Alecia's shoulder.
A ding-dong sounded through the overhead speaker as a computerized voice dominated over the rider's voices.
Next stop: Sand Rails. Next stop: Sand Rails.
"Great. Just three more stops." Royan stretched his arms and legs out once the tram car emptied with people making their way out of the doors. He pulled his jacket closer around him and leaned back.The back of his head hit the glass window and he slid back to sleep.
"Unbelievable." Alecia said, staring at her friend in awe.
Elbowing Royan in the ribs, he shot up and focused on the near empty tram car. The sound of the last beep signalling the stop rang through his ears.
"We're here."
He smacked his lips and stretched his limbs out. "Finally."
They exited the tram bus onto the platform of their stop: Salt Lake. The tram started up again, blowing hot air out of the exhaust before resuming on its path.
Small buildings littered the horizon lines with outdoor markets still bustling with shopkeeper hands flaring to life when they engaged potential buyers.
"Tram was a bit early," Royan said, flipping open his comm open. "Scenic route back to base?"
"I was thinking of heading down to the Underground for a bit. I need to pick up something? Coming?" She started towards the elevator.
Royan took a step back and put his hands up. "Yeah, no. I'm not venturing down there."
"Fine." Alecia shrugged. "I'll see you back at base then."
"Okay wait." He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a roll of tightly bounded papers. "I've been meaning to give you this since we got on the tram. But..."
"But you fell asleep."
"Right, I fell asleep." He extended his arm to give the roll to Alecia.
Alecia grabbed ahold of it and once it left Royan's hands, the weight shifted towards her. She quirked her eyebrow at the sudden change in weight. "Just be careful, alright? There's talks about stuff happening at the Underground right now."
She nodded. "Thanks for the reminder. I'll be back at base before it gets too late."
Stuffing the papers in her coat pocket, Alecia pulled the collar close around her and wrapped the rest of the coat around her body. She walked away from the platform and towards the town. Bypassing most of the markets, she traveled to the metal enclosed elevator. A lone guard stood at a podium, checking IDs and comms of anyone who wished to enter the elevator.
Alecia took hers out for the guard to scan and waited for the elevator to arrive along with the other travelers. The screeching noise of the metal gears grinding against each other informed all the riders that the elevators was just minutes away.
Shuffling into the elevator, Alecia looked up just in time for the elevators to close shut with a thud. The descent towards the Underground seemed to take as much time as the tram ride to Salt Lake. The group of the people starts to dwindle down as the elevator stopped on several levels.
By the time Alecia was the only one left on the elevator, all that was left was the buzzing of the intercom and the grinding of the gears.Taking the roll of paper out of her coat pocket, she twists it around before undoing the string keeping the batch together. One by one, she unravels each piece of paper, shedding bits and pieces of what looks like old drawings. Kid drawings. Names written in a toddler's writing handwriting and around the stick figure pictures. She knows these names. Alecia's seen these names before. But the memories aren't being attached to faces. Each sheet of paper sheds the child-like designs and unfolds a more mature drawing style. And a more crisp script.
It isn't until the last sheet is unrolled that the peculiar weight is answered for. It's a bag filled with... something. There's one word written in black ink on it.
Backstory and notes about this piece. A couple days, I woke up right where this story ends. The thing about this one is it's one of two or three recurring dreams I randomly get and I usually get them when I'm getting sick or stay-in-bed-for-a-week sick. But luckily, nothing's happened :) even though I did have a sore throat the weekend before. Anyway, yeah. I vaguely remember dreaming something of this scenario before but when, I don't really recall. Everything seems to mesh together after a while if the spark doesn't make contact with a physical thing. The physical thing was Evernote on my phone while I'm eating breakfast before I head to work (and during my break). 

I probably won't dwell on this dream and what it means for a long while, or at all. But I think it's pretty cool how remnants of it are still linger in my head even now and how it played out. And instead of a whole idea, this is more of an exercise in writing style. I'm still iffy about it because it's just a snippet of something that I felt needed to be physically written down.
I might, however, go back and edit the last three or so paragraphs cause I shifted into a different writing style I used in the beginning of summer for another project because that's the main part of the dream that I full-on remembered and writing it versus "living" it was weird. Dreams are weird.

Also, I'm notorious in re-using names for short things like this. Soz. D:


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I recently had to change both lenses of my glasses frame because of two reasons. First, because my left eye got worse so they had to replace that. Second, because there was a new line of Transitions and the one I was currently using had a lighter tint than the new ones. So, if I didn't, it'd look funny.
So, in my head, I'd look like a pirate.
I'm an adult!
I always have a hard time writing journals. Considering that last time I wrote one was two years before I started my BA and now after I finished it. I think it's because I have a hard time writing down my thoughts and talking about goals and dreams in my life that are nowhere in the near future so it seems weird to talk about that won't happen for a while. And if I do, I'm pretty bad at keeping them alive within the following months. ._.

I made some changes to my gallery, mostly pertaining to my Nightsky story and decisions that I've come to terms with. I stashed away most of the chapters since I've decided to let the story and its sequel sit and rest in a corner of my head, like it hasn't already been doing for the past ~six months anyway D: as I pump out various stories of projects I'm currently part of. And because I don't think I can write it the way I want to right now. So instead of writing happy happy tales of Adventures starring Rea Nightsky and many of her renamed friends, there's tragedy and sadness and pain all around yey. :meow:

Yep. I think that's it.

Stay awesome peeps. :)
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